I’ve worked in education for most of my working life either in schools, universities or as a free-lancer. I run workshops, parties and now courses from my partner’s studio space, Gallery for Nature, also at Brougham Hall. I enjoy sharing the limitless possibilities in clay and seeing what happens when you break the clay rules…it’s very exciting when you don’t know what will happen. It’s also worth pointing out that it’s always a pleasure to see someone else being inspired by clay.

The Weekly Course

My weekly courses run on Thursdays, with a session in the morning, 10am – 12.30pm and another in the afternoon, 1.30pm-4pm. This is a rolling programme of 8 weeks, with returning students, building up their experience with clay, predominantly Porcelain. If interested in these, just enquire by emailing me.


I do run Raku workshops as part of this, especially when the weather looks favourably on us, so usually within the summer months. No point in firing in the rain if you don’t have to.

Masterclasses and parties

The Masterclass sessions I run are on dates I plan in advance and can be booked through this web-site or by contacting me directly. These are usually 1-day workshops where participants are shown how to create a particular piece from my repertoire using my tried and tested techniques. Each participant is led through each process step by step. These technique-based workshops are suitable for both beginners and the more experienced maker. However, I also offer the opportunity for group bookings where I run private party groups for either a day or half day session.

On tour!

I do run workshops for other groups, venues, schools and universities. Currently I run ½ and full day sessions at a couple of other venues Appleby Hub http://www.theedenworkshop.co.uk/ Quirky Workshops, Greystoke https://www.quirkyworkshops.co.uk/