I’ve always had a hankering to create sculptures. On reflection, my applique work facilitated this. The applique creatures moving from the vessel into a 3-D identity have enabled the reflective narrative of my hand me down heritage journey to begin. Within this work I want to reflect the natural world (with reference to some of the wildlife I remember seeing so much more as a child on the farm), and in the making, to celebrate the working traditions of the many crafts. This is the beginning of my Sculptural journey.

Not content to just roll embroidered fabrics into my clay I started pouring Plaster of Paris over everything and anything, to capture textures. I used these plaster blocks to impress into clay slabs to give positive low relief effects. Using my pattern pieces, just like a sewing pattern, the results looked like they were made of fabric, complete with their own fabric trims and buttons. I like that. One material characterising another.

Stitched drawings within my sculpture.

Using plaster sprigs and stamps.