Gwen Bainbridge Studio

In my clay work I explore through stitch, lace, man-made and organic surfaces, utilising them to create intricate layers and motifs, with multiple firings. All this happens in my wee studio down at Brougham Hall, a 14th century fortified house, near Penrith, in Cumbria, on the edge of the Lake District.

I draw from traditional techniques that I’ve experienced over the years, having accumulated skills using a variety of media. These experiences I use to discover possibilities in clay, enabling me to have developed a very unique way of making. Translating stitch, print, plaster and metal techniques into a ceramic context has allowed me to explore the ceramic surface differently. Such processes demand precision manipulating the varying materials to the desired effect, each stage being built on by the next. This is time consuming but very satisfying as I’m a bit of a technique junky. With this knowledge I’ve designed sculptures, vessels, wall art and jewellery, producing highly embellished pieces, with a functional dimension to some.

For more information on my making methods see the links for:

Textile Range
Applique Work